About the course

Learn the fundamental programming skills needed for competitions like the ACM-ICPC, Google CodeJam, Kickstart, Facebook HackerCup, and more. Welcome to Competitive Programming Essentials, the pinnacle of algorithm specialisation for competitive programmers. This online Competitive Programming Essentials course is a very thorough and demanding competitive programming course. The course's 50+ hours cover both the breadth and the depth of algorithmic programming, beginning with a review of common data structures and moving on to both fundamental and sophisticated algorithms.

The Competitive Programming course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in competitive programming contests and coding interviews. It focuses on mastering algorithms and data structures, which are fundamental building blocks for efficient problem-solving in the field of computer science.

Throughout the course, students will learn various algorithmic techniques, data structures, and problem-solving strategies. They will gain hands-on experience through a combination of lectures, coding exercises, and competitive programming contests. The course emphasizes a practical approach, where students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to solve real-world coding challenges.

  • 50+ hours of quality content
  • Certificate on course completion
  • 70+ MCQs for Placement Assistance
  • Coding Contests for self-assessment
  • Access on phone/TV
  • Doubt Assistance in every Topic and Problem
  • Live Community Sessions

Learning Scope

By the end of this course, you will be able to learn all the needed concepts which are required to crack those competitions.
What will you learn ?
  • Ace code-thons and online coding competitons on Codeforces, HackerRank
  • Become a 10x Problem Solver
  • Get ready for ACM-ICPC, Google Kickstart, CodeJam & more
  • Understand & implement important techniques in Competitive Programming
  • 150+ carefully curated problems
  • Learn to write complex codes

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Competitive Programming

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  • Algorithms and Data Structures

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  • Problem-Solving Techniques

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  • Algorithmic Complexity and Optimization

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  • Coding Contest Strategies

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  • Advance Algorithms (Greedy, Segment Trees, Graphs, Dynamic Programming)

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  • Interview Preparation

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